Fire Risk Assessments

In 2006 The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 consolidated over 80 pieces of existing Fire Safety Legislation in England and Wales in the ‘Fire Safety Order’.

The Fire Safety Order is designed to provide a minimum fire safety standard in all non-domestic premises and requires employers or responsible persons to carry out a suitable Fire Risk Assessment.

If more than five persons are employed it has to be a written assessment, but if you don’t have the time or knowledge to do this Fire Skills can help you .

A professional Fire Risk Assessment completed by Fire Skills Ltd will provide a comprehensive report that is carried out by experienced and qualified fire risk assessors who have all served as Fire Service Inspectors or Fire Engineers. Our reports are user friendly and written in understandable terminology. The report will tell you the areas that need improvement and also gives timescales for completion.

This Fire Risk Assessment should be reviewed regularly or when there has been a significant change within the workplace.

To speak to a friendly Fire Safety expert please call Fire Skills so we can help to protect you, your people and business against fire loss.

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Case Study

Fireskills were contacted by a small local brewery, who wanted advice and guidance on Fire Safety. The owners wanted to comply with legislation but did not know what to do.

During the site meeting, a free audit was completed by Fireskills. The owner had already attempted to complete a risk assessment, and with some additional free guidance, this was considered to be sufficient for the size and type of premises.

As a result the owner needed to buy 2 fire extinguishers, a small number of signs, and a rotary hand bell to give warning in the event of a fire.

They completed staff fire training themselves using the free download available from the Fireskills Website, and complied with their legal requirements for less than £150, a lot more acceptable than the £2500 quoted by another local fire protection company.